Hi! Welcome to my little webbed world. I'm Ashton, and I'm a web developer. Web design is *not* my speciality, but I give it a whirl every now and again with this site.

If I'm being honest, I don't exactly know what to use this site for, nor what will become of this site in the future. So far it's just been creation for creation's sake, a fun little project to keep me busy and help improve my, already rather rusty, web design skills. Previously you may have seen this site look very different, with a retro phone aesthetic, but I've since updated it to a theme based around the cat I use as a persona online.

My "gateway drug" into coding was BBCode, which I used for formatting posts of varying lengths, adding some very rudimentary styling, on forums. Later I would somehow find myself editing existing tumblr themes for my blog, then I moved onto making my own from scratch, even coding themes for a few friends (one of whom, much to my chargrin, continues to use the theme). I now develop websites in a professional capacity, but this site is just my little fun place to make stuff creatively.

As of writing this, this site is still a work in progress, and it will probably continue to evolve, never reaching an end state, for as long as I am working on it, but still do please feel free to explore.
Update Log
27/03/2023 A revamp of the site layout, and an actual update log to go with it! Not all of the old content has been brought over to the new layout yet but I'm working on it! Watch this space >:3