Todo: (in order of when added, with date done in brackets)
Add hinge to phone
Create number buttons on phone (23/05/2022)
Style Buttons (23/05/2022)
Animate Buttons (23/05/2022)
Add button sound (24/05/2022)
Add more functions to buttons (on going)
Improve click me Sign
Add content (ongoing)
Fix animation on firefox (24/05/2022)
Fix button animation??? (24/05/2022)
Get some webrings (29/05/2022)
Get a chatbox (29/05/2022)
Create a better button for the site + a place for people to get the code for it (29/05/2022)
Add other people's buttons (30/05/2022, but also forever ongoing)
Create a cute favicon (31/05/2022)
Add more information to the hexaflexagons page
Redirect users if land on a page not embedded within the home page (31/05/2022)
Enable the ability to jump to a specific page, auto-playing the phone navigation(01/06/2022)
Create a basic plushie page and get and edit all the images for it (03/06/2022)
Resize plushies to be more proportional in terms of size to each other (04/06/2022)
Create pixel art versions of each plushie
Add tooltips and aria-labels to the buttons of the phone (03/06/2022)
Create an animal crossing shrine (in progress)
add a danglie (23/06/2022)
add filter functionality on danglie pull (23/06/2022)
make a theme to use instead of the grayscale filter
make it so that the mobile phone can be minimised and the maximised again later as an overlay on smaller screens maybe
First easter egg (26/06/2022)